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care instructions

  • Your prosthesis can pick up your body oils and bacteria with daily wear and use.
    It is recommended that you wash your form 1-2 times a week with a mild soap and warm water.


  • After washing, place prosthesis between a folded, dry towel and compress with the palm of your hand to remove moisture. Do not wring your prosthesis!

  • When not in use, lay the prosthesis upright on a small wash cloth. This will prevent wrinkling and promote constant air flow.


All Liberty breast prostheses can be worn during water activities.
Material integrity is not compromised in chlorinated, salt or chemically-treated waters. A bathing suit must have some kind of bra or “shelf” on the inside to support the prostheses. (ie: speedo-type suit, without an internal bra, offers no support for any prosthetic form).


After swimming, prostheses will naturally drain any held water. While drying off with a towel, compress or “hug” yourself to remove any remaining water. There is no need to immediately remove these prostheses after swimming while wearing a bathing suit. (Dry time will vary based on prosthesis size).