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appointment 1

Firstly you'll have a free no obligation consultation. If you decide to proceed you'll be fitted with a bra by our professionally trained staff.


A 3D scan of your chest wall will be taken wearing the bra and a stock prosthesis.


Next we take a 3D scan of your chest wall without the bra.


Lastly we will take a colour measurement of your skin to match the prosthesis to your skin colour.

We will then contact you to arrange your next appointment once your prototype is ready.


appointment 2

At this appointment you will try on a foam prosthesis prototype.


We will check the fit to your chest wall and can make adjustments to ensure the final shape and size of your prosthesis is exactly right for you.

Please note that a small number of cases we may need to schedule a second prototype appointment. We only do this if there are a large number of adjustments made at the first prototype appointment.

Hand Embrace

appointment 3
final collection

You will be fitted with your final prosthesis.


We will discuss the aftercare of your prosthesis and the style of bras that you are now able to wear.

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